Café One launches new Innovative Co-working Space at Atlantic Mall in Lekki

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Roseline Nkanta, Business Manager, Café One

The official launch of the new Café One space located at Atlantic Mall, Chevron Drive, Lekki, kicked off another tranquil and safe workspace, away from the ever-bustling city of Lagos. The digital lifestyle experience centre aims to transform the way the modern worker interacts with the business world. The space is the right setting to get down to business as well as engage in leisure, and users can book a reservation and win free gifts when they register at

The event brought together tech-enthusiasts, and professionals from different fields, including Tobi Ayeni (Miss Techy) and lifestyle blogger, Cassandra Ikegbune (Cassie Daves).

What’s Café One?
The beauty of the newly launched Café is its diverse nature, accommodating every work style from individuals to groups, introverts and extroverts, and diverse employees with non-traditional work schedules. This makes it the perfect place to meet new people, form new connections, exchange ideas and engage in meaningful conversations.

For millennials and Gen-Zs seeking ways to make work less constraining, this is an ideal spot for that professional yet casual vibe. Also, being part of a community is one of the intriguing things about this space.

What to Expect at Café One
At Café One, three things are constant – the endless flow of coffee and dainty pastries, super-speed Wi-Fi, and access to a plethora of digital banking services. The coffee, tastefully brewed, is enough to give you that boost of energy you need to help you take on your tasks and stay productive.

Opening Times
The space is open six days a week – Mondays to Saturdays. So, whenever you need to work or wait out traffic productively, you can just pop in and have a good time. It is also your best bet for your next squad hangout.

Just like the Café One located at Lennox Mall, Lekki, this new space will promote innovation by bringing bright-minded individuals together to champion impact-driven and capacity-building projects such as skills training, masterclasses and book readings amongst other things.

You can follow Café One on Instagram to stay connected and get more updates on the latest happenings.

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