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PHALCON is a gathering of professional afro latin brands, Dance brands, film industry, music industry, comedy industry, Government, Companies, industries, Brands, and top  societal influencers in Nigeria to fight against social vices, empower youth, entertain, promote culture, tourism,  Healthy lifestyle and Unity in Nigeria.

PHALCON is organize by *La’veeqz Fitness and Dance Academy and in collaboration with Blueprint music and Dance Academy*. *LFDA* birth the vision of afro latin convention in 2016 and  nurture it into reality in 2021. 

La’veeqz Fitness and Dance Academy is a private initiative with an educational program to teach dance as an art form and to keep fit, our goal is to encourage healthy lifestyle  with a sense of commitment to societal transformation through Government, Companies, schools and individuals. We entertained, promote culture, tourism, and make elites and Afro Latin lovers to socialize, unwind, network and empower youth.

Over the years they’ve organized several events such as: *Port Harcourt social Dance Fest*
*Salsa Mega Blast*
*Afro Latin Affair*
*Port Harcourt Salsa Night. vol 1&2*
*Port Harcourt AFRO LATIN convention premiere*
*Afro Latin Flash*
*End of year Afro Latin groove*
*1st October Salsa*
*Afro Latin Fit*
*Salsa poolside party*

In future, they are looking at eliminating social vices, (2months televise Dance competition) *live TV show* , empower at least 50k youth, promote healthy lifestyle, culture , entertainment industry, tourism and maximum entertainment.

This year they’re set to host their maiden Afro Latin Convention 2021which will feature top notch personality in all sphere and industry
Much details about the Afro Latin Convention will be up for a report

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