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Styl-Plus is a Nigerian male singing group.
The group STYL was formed in 1997 a gospel quartet by founding members Shifi Emoefe, Tunde Akinsanmi, Yemi Akinwonmi, and Lanre Faneyi. In 1999 Lanre passed away and Zeal Onyecheme joined the group. The name STYL which was formed by combining the first letters of the first names of the founding members then turned to Styl-Plus, the Plus being used to indicate the new addition to the group.
In the year 2001, the groups expanded from singing strictly gospel songs, to inspirational and love songs.
In 2002 Yemi left the group to pursue another career.
In 2003 the group teamed up with Anthony ‘T-Jazz’ Ukpong and Joseph ‘Joey’ Ukpong to form their own record label; Styl-Plus Music. In late October of 2003, under the management of T-jazz and Joey, they released two singles to radio stations . The response was tremendous, and the unprecedented airplay the tracks received fuelled the subsequenlty massive sales of the Singles on Cd and audiotapes
Their debut album “Expressions” housed numerous hits including “Olufunmi”, “Imagine That”, “Call My Name”, “Iya Basira” and more.
According to reports, Tunde Akinsanmi decided to pursue a solo career leaving Shifi Omoefe and Zeal Onyecheme who are currently the members of the group.

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