A few years ago, a small team of people determined to transform our banking system, they launched a savings app for Nigerians. That app was the first step toward Kuda.
Today, they’re even more determined and has built a Central Bank-licensed, microfinance bank to help you get the best out of your money without overcharging you.
Kuda includes tools for tracking your spending habits, saving more and making the right money moves.
So no matter who you are or where you live in Nigeria, they’re here because of you. They understand the pain that comes with using a regular bank they’re here to  make things work better for everyone
Kuda happens to be the only bank you get a free debit card, zero transfer charge and a reasonable percentage when you a long-term savings
Kuda Customers get 25 free transfer to other banks every month.
Kuda account holders can deposit money in over 10,000 branches across Nigerian for free…
At juncture you head visit and open your a savings account and say goodbye to bank charges

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