The  trailer of the movie ‘LA STREET’ has got fans buzzing the Internet on their take about the movie which premiers on the 6th of December at film House cinema Spar, Port Harcourt…
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I’ve seen the trailer for the movie 🎥 La street and all I can say is that I’d love to see the whole movie already, the acting from what I’ve seen so far is top notch, the script is on point and the characters on set did a really fantastic job. December 6th 😋 can you come already 🤩😁 we can’t wait anymore.
Emeka Ogbonna 

LA Street just as the name sounds….I think the movie is gonna be all about the nigeria hustle system and how to get money from the street without being killed in the street
It should be a must watch to everyone out there in the street for the paper and it has a host of great actors 
Soullyrix manager,analyst,Project manaJenkins

I think La Street is a captivating movie, definitely a nice and funny one…seems entertaining…I wouldn’t want anyone missing out on such an amazing movie like this with so much suspense and comedy,it’s a must watch!I can’t wait for 6th of December 😩😩to turn uppp🥵🥵🥵🥳…my name is Jennifer,and am a student/entrepreneur

Every responsible individual wants to contribute meaningfully to the society. This dream can be actualized when they’re readily available resources acrued legitimately. (in the case of responsible individuals). Let’s also note, that they’re people who are not interested with the means; hence, they’re willing to do anything to acquire wealth whether legitimately or otherwise, to satisfy self. 
La Street portrays the lifestyle of different individuals; their activities and, and how to avoid engaging in events that’ll lead to negative rewards and regrets.
It’s a must watch for people who are keen to contributing traceable positive value in this century and beyond.
I’m Charles Jenkins
(Founder & Chairman, Charles Jenkins foundation international)

Well,I’m too sure La street is going to be one of its kind because there is alot happening out there in our world especially with young people which boils down to everyone striving to survive “..I’m looking forward to seeing more action,suspense,pretense,betrayal and zeal to scale through from “La Street “. Its a must watch.
 Joy Akpan

I’m Maliki Faith, a scriptwriter.
What can I say about the movie without giving spoilers? The movie is so interesting that If I start talking, I’ll narrate it till the end, in a word, the movie is amazing. It’s about the vices of the society now, what goes on and how the choices you make is bound to turn out. LA street like the name implies is a movie about what happens in and on the street, not the street like a road, more like a ghetto. A lot of things go on in ghettos, this movie will take you on different spiral. It’s a must watch, just buckle your seat belts and grab your tickets, the popcorn is steaming hot and the drinks are really chilled, because you don’t know what’s coming your way. Anticipate LA street, if you haven’t gotten your ticket, no dey dull, go and get yours now.

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