Grammy Awards are huge deal, for some it’s a place in history, for others it’s a validation for the hours of work that sales cannot provide…

Unfortunately Nigerian nominees in different category of Grammy Award has never made it to bringing this Historic Award home, evident in the nomination of the following: WizKid, Timaya, Femi kuti, Shina Peters, Chimamanda etc and the recent – Our African Giant Buna Boy who loss to a Beninese …

One may wonder, if these Great Nigerian Talents has never won Grammy, who could be more Gifted and phenomenal to win???

Maybe Grammy is not for the ‘overrated’ from the journey  of the Only Nigerian Grammy Award Winner yet- SIKIRU ADEPOJU

Interestingly, it should have been his second win of Award, but he only got a certificate for his first win in 1994 because he was only named as a collaborator and not a primary creator. That changed in 2009 when he walked onto the biggest stage in global music with his longtime friend and collaborator, Mickey Hart to get presented with the famous gramophone as the winner .

In his words, ” It’s the Grammys – everything changed. The fees changed, the perception changed, life changed and even the way I walked changed (laughs). I will never forget that night”

When Sikiru Adepoju was growing up, he had the knowledge of drumming. However, he never wanted to be a drummer because he hated the struggles his father and grandfather went through because of drumming – especially the terrible treatment they got.

Despite his earnest desires, Adepoju never really had a formal education because his mother died early. So in 1974 and as he was running away from drumming, he moved to Lagos and tried to be a shoemaker in Olateju, Mushin. Nonetheless, word somehow got out that he could drum and people would come to beg his boss for his services.

But in 1975, his boss from whom he was learning shoemaking took on a gig as a driver at the airport shortly after Murtala Muhammed
died. Slowly, the man took more interest in that and it became his life. Thus, young Sikiru had to find his own path – drumming beckoned. ” Around Agege, I met Sunny Edan who doubted me at first, but eventually gave me a chance to start drumming in 1976.”

Through Pa Olatunji, Sikiru Adepoju met Mickey Hart in 1985 – together, they all worked together on multiple Planet Drum projects.

 Mickey Hart and Adepoju
wanted to make sure that something better happened. So, when they set out to make the
Global Drum Project with Zakir Hussein and
Giovanni Hidalgo. They made sure that all the primary creators of the project were credited as makers and not collaborators.

He says, ” We didn’t set out to win a Grammy. As with anything, we set out to make quality music – nobody knows the future now (laughs). More so,
Mickey, Giovanni, Zakir and I all had our bands and other commitments. In fact, due to band commitments, Giovanni and Zakir couldn’t be at the Grammy ceremony that day – only Mickey and I were there.

“The collaboration and the willingness to share credit is one welcome part of working with foreigners over Nigerians. If Mickey Hart was a Nigerian, he might not have wanted to give us the credit and I might not have won a Grammy. That’s one conversation I hope to bring to my country soon – credit.
“When we were called as Winner for Grammy Gongs,  ah! It’s beyond description (laughs). It was amazing. “.


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