Question One:Who are you?
My name is Barine-Koli Solomon, and I am a student of the Faculty of Law, Rivers State University.
Question Two:What do you do?
I am into freelance writing. I write assignments on topics concerning and relating to law, and politics. Again, I also write projects on law, social sciences, business, etc (excluding sciences). Additionally, I take people on tutorials on subjects of law, social sciences, and arts.
I also love football and I am a huge fan of Chelsea football club, I also love swimming although I am not a good swimmer. 
Again I have passion for politics and business. Furthermore, I love reading stories of great men and also relating to law, politics and business.
Question Three:Your background
I hail from the Koli’s family in Bodo-City which is a community in Gokana Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria.
I was raised by a single mother. Father was not there when I was born, but I heard he abandoned my mother and I. My mom had to leave me with my grandma, in the village, so as to hustle to fend her son. She was also rendered assistance by her brothers who stood by her when others gave up on her.
I was later moved from the village by my uncle, Wilson Koli, to continue my education. I currently stay in the city of Port Harcourt.

Question Four:Education
I had my elementary education in Bebor International Model Nursery and Primary School, Bodo-City. I was thereafter moved to Onne, in Eleme Local Government Area of Rivers State, to continue my primary education in Hill of Glory, Agbeta Onne.
Later on, I gained entrance into J.S.S 1 in Adventist Comprehensive High School, Elele where I did J.S.S 1 & 2, after which I did my J.S.S 3 at Community Secondary S
chool, Okporo, Rumuodara, Port Harcourt.
My Senior Secondary Education was done at Model Senior, Secondary School, GRA Phase II, Tombia Street, Port Harcourt.
In 2014, I had admission in Captain Elechi Amadi Polytechnic to undergo a Diploma-in-Law programme of which bagged a distinction (First Class).
Currently, I am a student of Department of Business Law at the Faculty of Law, Rivers State University.
Question Five:Achievement
Most of my achievements so far has been made while on the University. My achievements are both academic and political (hence, I love politics). The academic ones in the university are:
i. In year one I won the best student award in Legal Method of which I 

was given three test books, signed by the respective authors.
ii. I won the interdepartmental quiz competition hosted in the Faculty of Law.
iii. I was also given the chance to participate in the departmental mooting competition of which my department (business law) won.
iiii. I also led the department of business law in debate competition of which we came third.
The political achievements are:
i. I have served in the capacity of the Welfare Treasurer of the Law year one, class.
ii. I have served in the capacity of the Treasurer of the National Union of Ogoni Law Students.
iii. I also served as LAWSAN Bar Secretary.
iiii. I have serve as a Se
nator representing Law Year III constituency in the Faculty of Law, Rivers State University.
v. I have serve as the Deputy Senate President of the Faculty of Law, Rivers State University.
vi. I have served as a member of the Elders’ Council of the National Union of Gokana Students, Rivers State University Chapter.
vii. I have served as the Gokana Local Government Co-ordinator for the PDP National Students’ Association.
viii. I have served as the Director of Mobilization, PDP National Youth and Students Assembly, Rivers State Chapter.
ix. Currently, I am the President elect of the National Union of Gokana Students (Worldwide).
Question Six:What’s coming up for you?
Within now and the next one year there are certain programmes which I intend embarking on especially in my Local Government upon inauguration as the President of the National Union of Gokana Students worldwide. These programmes are as follows (take notice that the items underlisted are not exhaustive but they are just a few of the things in intend doing):
i. To use my office to partner the Gokana Local Government, paramount Rulers, Security Agencies, and every other stakeholder of Gokana, to tackle the insecurity issues in Gokana.
ii. To move students Unionism to greater height in Gokana Local Government Area.
iii. To provide an online Secretariat for the National Union of Gokana Students (NUGOS) so as to enable Gokana students all over the world to have access to the happenings and activities of the union by just a single click. This online secretariat shall also serve as a link between Gokana students studying in Nigeria and those studying abroad.
iiii. To review the NUGOS constitution which has been termed to be anachronistic so as to enable it meet the needs of our democratic society.
v. To carry out a two weeks acquisition programme for Gokana students.
vi. To carry out a security summit in Gokana.
vii. To carry out an education summit with the aim of showing other Gokana youths the necessity of going to school.
Question Seven:How you can be reached and followed on social media?
Facebook:Barine-Koli Solomon
WhatsApp:0902 331 4447

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