It’s another 365 days of God’s faithfulness in my life loading and I decided  to do something a little bit different through my new brand called VAA ( Vivian Anthony’s Aid). This is to give back to the society by empowering two orphanage homes on a life-time skill on liquid soap production for washing of their dishes, clothes, toilets, or mopping their floors etc. Also presenting to the orphanage homes a standard liquid soap business plan by a business consultant just in case, now or later on, they want to go into the business.

I realize that the orphanage home is a place where good people of the society visit once in a while to show their love and  support basically with food items and cash. But then I thought to myself, “Is it just about food and cash?” What about their future? Can these kids be told that even as orphans confined in an environment they can still become Great  tomorrow? So  via Vivian Anthony’s Aid, I have chosen  to do a mind and skill empowerment. We know it’s an entrepreneurial world, a world where it’s not what you know any longer but what you can do! As orphanage kids, I want them to still be able to boast of a skill and a dream to become great in Life irrespective of their status!

Talk is cheap but with your financial support and mine ,  together we can build the future of the Orphans!
Together we can make the world a better place.
Together we can move Nigeria forward.
Together we can build the future of orphanage Nigerian kids.
Together with VAA.
Together with Vivian Anthony Aid.

To Donate- 2070207455
Uba bank, savings
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To Donate- 2070207455
Uba bank, savings

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