Generally talking about yourself in an interview is so much more difficult than being asked a specific question. This ‘Tell me about yourself’ question is given to see how you handle general and open-ended questions that focus on the “big picture” of the interview, meaning who you are as a person, what you have to gain, and what you have to offer.

It  is the one key question you should always be prepared to answer adequately. Follow this expert advice below to perform well in your interview. 

* Prepare for this question, ageas of time.

Go into the interview expecting this question and having already prepared your answer. This way, you can look the interviewer directly in the eye, be at ease, and communicate with positive energy. 

* Do your key accomplishments

As you provide key accomplishments, be ready with short anecdotal stories to support this information. No one wants to hear of someone’s success or accomplishment without understanding the struggle and journey it took for you to accomplish the task, and what you learned and gained from it all

* Do include your passion and interests

Talk about your background in art, music, sports, acting, nature, engineering, writing, etc., and the extent of your accomplishments in these areas. Focus on leadership roles in your area of expertise and how you developed and promoted your own projects

* Do include a problem that you have solved

Share a situation where you were faced with a problem in the real world and solved it. Succinctly explain what the problem was, how you felt about it, how you solved it, and what you learned from it. If you don’t have a solved problem you could share, you could include a philosophical statement if it fits into your well organized statement. 

*Do a great deal about the company’s background

You’re interviewing for a company, academic institution, or educational endeavor, so shouldn’t you know as much as you can about it? On top of learning about everything you can, prepare one or two good questions to ask the interviewer. It will show that you’re not only their to market yourself and look good, but have a genuine interest in the company, institution, or program that you’re interviewing for, and that you want to genuinely contribute toward its goals. 

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