Christmas is coming and we will all soon reunited with our families

And when we all look forward to seeing our extended family members, there are those aunts who are quite irritating. You try avoiding them by all means but they will still get their way back to you.

If your family does not have any of these types of annoying aunts, then you are truly lucky.

1. The know it all

This kind of auntie knows everything that happens in the entire family. She knows whose business collapsed at the beginning of the year, who has gotten diabetes, who no longer affords to pay fees for their children and who has been fighting with their spouses

2. The last ones

In every family, we have that one auntie who hardly lifts their finger. They are naturally lazy and will be watching telenovelas or gossiping while everyone else is working. If you dare visit them, you will regret ever it because they make you do all the chores as if they just found themselves a slave.

3.  The mean one

This one is mean with everything-money, food and even with words. They will never complement you and they feel insecure that your fashion is slowly overtaking theirs. They are the kind who starve you when you visit them and insist that the economy is really bad when food is rotting in the fridge. They will even lock the fridge just to keep you off.

4. The Queen of wisdom

She believes that she is really gifted in giving advice. She will lecture you on how you are supposed to raise your kids, how to dress and how to cook. Never mind, she lets her domestic manager do all the cooking. She is the only one who really knows the right time for you to get married and the kind of person you should marry

5. The drama Queen

She will create drama out of simple things such as not being served enough meat, not being notified about some friends coming for the family gathering and being petty is her expertise

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