If you’re the former, good for you. Honestly, asking a lady to marry you should be a romantic, mind blowing moment that will leave her in tears. Proposing to a lady means you’re committing and taking the relationship to the next step. Proposals can be tricky though. You need to know if your woman is on the same page as you lest you’re left disappointed after she says no. In addition, you should learn your woman and figure out what she likes and what she doesn’t. If your woman hates publicity, go for a quiet and subtle private proposal idea instead of a public one. You could also liaise with some of her closest friends to make the proposal a success. 

And remember gents, always hint at her to have her nails done before you pop the question.

Thinking of proposing to your long-term girlfriend? Here are unique proposal ideas you should try.

1. A movie theatre.

This could cost you a few coins, but if you’d do anything for the woman you love, then why not try this? Arrange with the management at the movie theater to probably have a video of you two air before a romantic movie starts or even after the movie. In the video, talk about your love for her or have still images of you two then pop the question. So different and it will catch her off guard.

2.  A romantic trip

The thing about a romantic trip though, if it’s not something you both do often, she might figure out that you’re going to propose thus ruining the surprise factor. Still, you could plan an exotic trip to a place you both like, be it a beach-y trip or an adventure one such as a hike to the Mount Kenya and pop the question there. A bonus of a trip proposal is that you have picturesque views to make your proposal photos look bomb.

3. Nostalgia

Remember where you first met? Or where you went on the first date? Or where you went on your first trip together? Take her back there, make it a romantic moment and pop the question. The good thing with this kind of proposal is that it sparks nostalgia. It makes you both remember how far you’ve come and it’s sentimental and close to heart. This is one of my favs as it’s bound to bring all the Feels!!!! Especially if the proposal comes coupled with a small speech about when he first set his eyes on you etc awww…

4. Something chill and romantic

For the ladies who like something subtle, no need to go all out, have a candle lit dinner at home or in her favorite restaurant, treat yourselves to an expensive bottle of champagne and request the waiter secretly to bring a personalized desert say a slice of cake with a message such as “Forever starts now”. Simple but oh so romantic

5. A puzzle

Also for the chill ladies and perhaps those who like to be challenged intellectually, you could have a word puzzle game or even a treasure hunt game where the answer leads to something like “Will You Marry Me?” different, cute and well thought out.

6. A flash mob flash.

If she loves publicity, take her to a mall for a shopping spree and hire a group of dancers to surprise her with a flash mob dancing to a romantic song such as ‘Marry you’ by Bruno Mars…not only will she be absolutely surprised but so will the public and this would definitely go viral.

7. Use your child

If you both have a child, you could use genius methods such as dressing your kid in a shirt that says “Will you marry daddy?” and then you both approach mommy while she’s busy having her cup of tea and catch her off guard.

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