Awotarigba Angel Ifemi hails from Nembe, Bagels state. He attended Staff Nur. & Pry federal govt school and Niger Delta Science School, Ompadec Science centre college. He’s graduate of New York film Academy where he studied Directing and Digital film making. He’s a filmmaker/ movie Director, Artiste, mixed martial artist and one of the 2018 big brother housemate. He was born in warri but grew up in Port Harcourt.
What do you do Angel?
I am a filmmaker and a movie director
What Inspired into the movie industry?
Growing up as a child, I love telling stories, writing poem and imagining a lot, so I decided to bring my stories and imagination to live.
For How long have u been into the movie industry?
Since 2012, Dark Man studio!
Since 2012? How come we never heard about your productions or see the movies you’ve produced?
Well I will say from 2012 to 2016 is my preparatory years, laying my foundation and making it firm.
How many movies have you produced so far and what are the titles?
I’ve produced a couple:
Angry birds, shade of grey etc
What kind of movie do you produce?
Fantasizing movies
Why did you go for big brother Naija?
It’s simple, I was looking for money to shoot my films
What where the things you experienced at the big brother house?
Well the major was the 24 hours surveyor, there was no privacy at all even to our nakedness.
What is the idea/vision behind big brother?
Big brother is a social experiment of man’s primal behavior when he’s striped off his basic and fundamental needs.
Which of the celebrity that came to visit the house got you inspired?
Well even before big brother I have met so many celebrities. The two celebrity that changed my career was Tuface in 2014. The words he said to me are still fresh in my memories, those words changed my life.
The second was Akon in 2017, when I was involved in Directing his song. He was so teachable and very humble. 
Meeting these two celebrities has been life changing for me.
What have you been up too lately?
A lot ooo: securing funds for my movie, budget of 40million. I’m working on my phone phototype, I’ve been starring in some nollywood movies and yes I’m back to modelling.
What are your personal challenges?
People’s opinion of me being proud, people think I’m too complicated, in summary I hardly connect with people. And of course finance is also another Challenge, in fact it’s everyone challenge.
What should people be expecting from you?
The shouldn’t expect anything, they should watch the space
What is your advise to everyone out there?
Do you, the world will adjust

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