Do you:

a)Want to shift stubborn belly fat?
b) Want a six pack?
c) Don’t want to have to exhaust yourself so much at the gym that you never want to see another treadmill in your whole life?

Do interval workouts

When it comes to losing belly fat and revealing our six pack abs, so many of us go for long duration cardio. Why? Because we’re told it works. It’s okay, but abdominal exercises and interval workouts is a much better way to shift the bulge. While you’re recovering from an interval workout, do an ab exercise, such as planking or reverse crunches.

Avoid Sugar

The more sugar you consume, the more you are at risk of becoming insulin resistant. And when this happens, even more fat begins to accumulate in your belly. And it becomes a lot harder to eliminate. So a great tip on how to lose belly fat without breaking a sweat is to avoid as much added sugar as you possibly can – if not all.

Eat healthy fats

There are different kind of fat

*Good fats
*Bad fats

Because all calories are created equal, eating good fats instead of bad fats will not necessarily help you lose weight on the surface of it. But it’s not the calorific content we’re focusing on here. Good fats help to stabilise your insulin levels, which is exactly what you need as you look to shift unwanted belly fats and expose your six pack. Excellent sources of good fats include some vegetable and seed oils, nuts, avocados, as well as seeds.

Eat more protein

Yup, shifting belly fat and replacing it with a six pack can be as simple as eating healthily. Eating the right things, that’s it. Protein has long been heralded as a muscle food, primarily because it helps to build tissues and repair muscles. It also boosts your metabolism and helps you to feel full for longer, thus preventing overeating. In fact, we’d go as far as saying consuming more protein is the single best thing you can do right now as you look to lose belly fat. Naturally, what helps is the quality of the protein you’re eating. Add the likes of fish, eggs, whole grains and lean meat (turkey) to your diet and you’ll be well on the way to getting the look you want.

Drink lots of water.
Our final tip on how to lose belly fat is simple – drink more water; to keep the weight off, you should aim to drink between 5 to 8 glasses of water per day. Water is the elixir of life, but not enough of us drink as much as we should. Not only does water keep you properly hydrated and flush toxins out of your system, it also keeps you feeling full for longer. Moreover, it’s the best replacement for sugary drinks there is.

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