We all have guys in our lives; whether they’re friends, family or significant others. They impact our lives on a daily basis. They make us happy. They make us sad. They annoy us. They make us angry. They make us feel special and make us feel like we need to improve ourselves. But, overall, the thing that sticks with us about guys is the annoying little things they do.
Here’s a list of some annoying things guys do, so you know you’re not the only one thinking these things are annoying.
1. You send them a text and they don’t text you back.
I can understand if they’re busy, they can text you back later. But, we all know the guy that won’t text you back. Right in the middle of a conversation, you send a question and BAM! They quit responding. Nothing is more annoying than being in the middle of a conversation and then the conversation being killed.
2. They stand you up.
This doesn’t always mean you were at the place waiting for them and they just didn’t show up. Being stood up could mean you had plans and for some stupid reason they just bail out. This is annoying because you plan out this time to hang out with this young man, and then you end up spending the evening on the couch.
3. . When they think dipping, smoking, vaping and drinking are cool
Smoking, dipping, vaping and drinking are bearable, they aren’t good for you but we (as women) can deal with them. Everyone has their own bad habits, but what is annoying is when guys act like it’s cool. Girls don’t find smoking, drinking, vaping and dipping cool. Guys, you don’t need to “show off” with these habits, you can do them without making a big deal about them.
4.  When they think you can’t do what you can cause “you’re a girl”
When guys act like girls can’t do something because they’re not a guy or they aren’t strong enough or they don’t know enough, it’s annoying. Yes, I am a girl, yes I can carry my own feedback. I can change my own oil, just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I can’t do all the things you do!
5. When you’re only texting friends
This doesn’t happen all too often, but it’s super annoying when guys only want to text you. They seem like your best friend over text but as soon as you ask to hang out, they always have an excuse. You could be at the same event with him, walk right by him and he pretends not to know you. He will immediately text you with some lame excuse as to why he didn’t say hi or why you guys didn’t hang out.
Some guys are ominiknoweth. Lol they know it all and will take no advise from their female friends. This is most annoying. Hey guys stop all these. lol

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