Being an awesome husband starts with putting your wife first. And of course, vice versa . Men how often do you do this:
1. Cuddle with her
Physical needs between men and women are so different. There are various ways to be intimate so keep her needs in mind. Hint: cuddling is a good start.

2. Don’t expect your wife to “owe you”
Now that the cuddling is over, it’s your turn, am i right? Although sexual intimacy is crucial in a happy marriage, your wife doesn’t want to feel like she owes you a favor.

3. Be a gentleman
When you were dating, you did everything you could to woo your wife. Then life happened. It doesn’t take much thought or energy to act like a man. Open her door, and not just when you’re on a date. Open it every time. Speak kindly to her, about her and about others.

4. Listen without fixing
If you haven’t seen the video about the nail in the forehead , you must! It is ridiculous and illogical, but it is the truth. This is how women work. Go against your every instinct, and just be there and listen.
5. Date her
Now that you’ve properly asked her out, keep at it. Dating does not need to be expensive. Whether it’s dinner and a movie or a night in after the kids are in bed, keep dating a consistent part of your relationship.
6.  Let her sleep
Mothers, especially those raising small children, are SO incredibly tired. If you’re home, let her take a nap. If it’s feasible, let her sleep in one day each weekend.

7. Open up
Men don’t generally like to look vulnerable. You want to be tough mentally, physically, emotionally, etc. Your wife wants to know how you are really feeling. Real communication is so important in marriage.
8. Apologize 

When couples fight, women tend to fume on the inside until the issue is talked through or resolved. If it’s a big one, this might go on for a while. Generally, men happen to forget about the issue or put it away for a few hours or overnight (like a good cheesecake). Then they forget about it ( unlike a good cheesecake.) To them, the argument is over. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them, their wife is still angry. Just apologize.

9. Respect her
Your wife has built in motherly and wiferly (it’s a new word) instincts. Even if you don’t agree with her opinion, you need to respect hers. Then kindly talk out the best way to handle the situation.

10. Compliment her
You think your wife is beautiful, you think she’s funny, you think she’s smart. You admire her in so many ways. Have you told her lately?

How many of these things are you doing as a husband? And how many could you work on?

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