At the entrance of the new Rumoko park is written “RUMOKORO BUS PARK…”  however Taxi running Okoro to Choba are being forced to load from the park( which was not met for Taxis) so they’ll pay a stipend at Everytime they load their passengers.

As a result this has made the Taxi drivers sometimes load outside the park to avoid the hours they spend on the park before it gets to their turn and also the money they have to pay to the touts operating in the park.

“Sometimes we spend 3hours on the queue before it gets to our turn to load passengers, and even the passengers going to Choba don’t like using the park, they prefer stopping a Taxi on the road, that’s why we don’t go to the park to load passengers” An anonymous driver said

Yesterday at Rumokoro Junction a driver was caught loading outside the Rumokoro park. The driver immediately went under  his Car and held it for over 2hours (even when the car was hijacked with a tolling Van) just  to avoid the N25,000 fine he will pay to the Touts operating  in Rumokoro park for not loading from the park.

Just as everyone thought the Driver was gradually losing his life, the Touts had no choice than to pull out their tolling Van; and Immediately the driver came out, entered his car and drove off .

This led to the crowd applauding his courage and bravery with the chant- “Etche! Etche!! Etche!!!

The Taxi drivers however are appealing to the Governor of Rivers State, Chief Barrister Nyesome Wike to come to their rescue in the hands of these Touts who claimed they were empowered by the Governor of the Rivers State.

“Dem say na Wike give them power say make all taxi driver wey dey go Choba load from park.

“But na lie na one man wey Dem dey call Omachi na command these Touts to collect money from us” A driver said.

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