Awoniyi Rasq Ola, A Muslim, hails from Epe Local government, Lagos State where he attended his primary and secondary school. Rasaq has an OND in mathematics at Lagos State University, then got his BSC in Accounting at the University of Port Harcourt where he did his Masters too. Rasaq was into I.T before he made a name in fashion design. He is the CEO of Razzy Clothing.
When did you go into Fashion?
I went into Fashion in 2012, with no idea about fashion, I was encouraged to take that risk when I met a man who doesn’t know how to weld but established a big Welder firm and employed workers. I did same for Razzy Clothing. I went to Lagos to bring in some good tailors to start up my company. Out of low patronage I entered fashion design fully with customizing of shirts to designing my own brand.
What’s the difference between Fashion Designers and Tailors?
Ok, Though most tailors today claim to be Fashion designer. A fashion designer like the word implies is one who designs how a cloth should look like, i.e the specification of a cloth, while a tailor follows that specification to make the cloth. 
How would rate Fashion in Nigeria?
This has to do with individual perspective, for me, my only fear is,  in years to come I pray people don’t walk naked, lol. Going by our Africa Tradition, fashion has been abused in so many ways.
How would you rate the fashion industry?
The level of creativity in the industry is fantastic, the demands for cothes are high, people wear cloth to the market and still buy cothes, it’s never enough, so these demands have boost the creativity in the industry.
What are the challenges in the business?
Oh! There are lots of challenges:
1) love for imported goods, this has made many fashion shops forge Gucci and other brands label on  their clothes, but that I will never do, I can’t design a shirt  and put a foreign label on it, i am proud of my Brand anytime. Thank God for the “Made in Nigeria Campaign” to reduce all manner of importation.
2) Uneducated Tailors: these people are big challenge to fashion designers, most times they do not  follow your designs, one has to do one or two adjustment on the clothes,  and that’s why as a fashion designer you should learn how to sew, so you can correct the mistakes of tailors on the clothes.
3) Lack of Customer’s integrity: this is the biggest challenge we faced on daily basis, customers put us under pressure to deliver their clothes and all you get is half payment, sometimes not even up to the capital, your labor has not been paid for, some even fail to come for their clothes, and under our law after 6months, customers cannot retrieve their clothes, Which they are not aware of.
How Lucrative is the fashion Business?
Well I can’t say, fashion is multitasking yourself, so until you’re able to identify the money for each activity then you one can tell your profit. However nobody would go into a business that is not lucrative.
What are the Achievements of Razzy Clothing?
Well Razzy Clothing has trained over 200 persons on Graphics design, Tailoring and Fashion Design both online and physical.
What your Advise for upcoming Fashioner? love what you do, be ready to face challenges, learn how to deal with people; do not argue with your client.
Razzy Clothing office is at no 42, Grace Avenue, off Obi wali, Rumuigbo, PH. 
Contact: 08039383265

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