Bakari and daughter

After seeing a photo of another father lying down with his baby boy, wrapped in his heart shaped dreadlock, Bakari was inspired to recreate that moment with his baby girl.
With the help of his wife, Leinali’s mother, the couple decides to switched things up and wrap their baby in her father’s dreadlock a bit differently. The final result was adorable and Bakari shared the photo on Instagram along with the Caption “Saturday shenanigans”

Thousands of people were quick to notice and left admirable comments. Bakari came to realize that his daughter-daddy moment had put a smile on many faces, but he didn’t know it would attract so many found fans of their bond.

“It was just a regular photo of me and my baby girl, and I didn’t expect so much attention from it, it was truly a shock”  Bakari tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

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